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Safe, Clean, Affordable??? Yeah Right.

March 14th, 2011
Japan Nuclear Power Plant Explosion Picture

Japan Nuclear Power Plant Explosion Picture


Nuclear Plant Explodes in Japan, Canada Next?

So now we have a major problem with exploding nuclear reactors in Japan and our leaders are still saying that nuclear energy in Canada is “safe, clean and affordable”.  Sure it is as long as there isn’t a problem. If there ever was a time to wind down nuclear energy it is now! More people have been complaining about windmills here in Ontario and this 800 pound nuclear gorilla has been quietly polluting our neighbourhoods and communities.

Bruce Power is located along the pristine shores of Lake Huron and they area the second largest nuclear facility in the world! They have been operating the reactors at this location for several years and have had several issues that remind local citizens of the dangers of working in and around radioactive material. There has been no mention from our health department as to the health of the workers that were exposed to Alpha radiation while working at Bruce Power.  Why not? Why hasn’t our local health officials or Provincial officials monitored the local water and air quality in and around the Bruce Power nuclear plant.

A preliminary water study done years ago near Bruce Power showed high levels of radiation in well water. The study recommended further study be completed. Has our local Health Board started any in-depth water and air studies??? Not that we are aware of.

Why have nuclear operators been given a “golden” insurance policy? The government has limited the liability of nuclear operators to $70 million! 70 million dollars wouldn’t cover the cost of the report telling everyone how bad everything is messed up. Your property value would be ZERO for TEN THOUSAND YEARS!!  if and when a major accident occurs here. Start asking your local officials to protect the public from dangerous nuclear energy before it’s too late.

How many significant events have happened at Bruce Power and other nuclear plants in Ontario that the public doesn’t know about. Why doesn’t Bruce Power print the significant event report in their “glossy feel good flyers”? Don’t they want the community updated on problems and events that have happened at Bruce Power???

Windmills don’t contaminate our air and water with nuclear waste and radiation. People need to realize the real cost of nuclear energy has been sugar coated by the companies trying to promote it as a power source.

If there was ever a time to transition out of nuclear energy and into truly clean, affordable and safe green energy it is now! Contact your local officials and tell them to stop promoting and endorsing nuclear energy.


Japan Nuclear Reactor Explosion Picture

Japan Nuclear Reactor Explosion Picture

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Nuclear Waste Shipped Through the Great Lakes and Local Communities

November 22nd, 2010

Nuclear Waste Shipped through The Great Lakes and Local Communities?

Nuclear Power Waste, Ontario, Canada

Nuclear Power Waste, Ontario, Canada

Our “leaders” have decided that shipping Radioactive Plutonium through our communities and Great Lakes is a good idea??? Unbelievable! These are some of the same people that mislead citizens about “clean, safe” nuclear power. Our local community near Bruce Power has more people protesting about windmills that do certainly have visual issues and maybe noise issues if you live too close to them but nothing to the degree of danger that a “NUCLEAR POWER PLANT!!” POSES.

Nuclear waste is spewed throughout our communities and now they want to ship it right down “main street Ontario”!! Tell your local, provincial and federal government representatives that you want this to stop! The only pollution coming out of a windmill is maybe some noise and visual pollution. The nasty things that come out of nuclear plants include radioactive  waste that remains highly radioactive for thousands of years!! Ask the people in Port Hope Ontario if they can sell their homes. The uranium mining for decades in the community have basically turned it into a nuclear uranium dump!!!! Our government leader let they fuzzy feel good commercials air on television promoting nuclear power as “clean, safe and affordable”???? These people must be seriously delusional, here is a news report that explains how the Ontario government has paid over 60 MILLION!!! in 2009 to Bruce Power for power THAT WAS NOT PRODUCED!! Unbelievable we paid a private company to not provide us with the power we are paying for. It’s like an edition of the Twilight Zone!!! Your hard earned money being thrown around like candy. Politicians bleeding taxpayers dry with bad negotiations to flawed deals that they just push down the taxpayers throat.  Apparently this ” cheap affordable power” is already 3 BILLION!! over budget!!! Safe, clean, affordable, NOT!!

Link to you money being wasted on nuclear power is here .

Greenpeace information on nuclear poison is here.

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Nuclear Power Problems in Ontario

October 20th, 2009

Terror Cell in Ontario Plots to Target Ontario Nuclear Plants!

Alleged Toronto 18 Leader to target nuclear plants?

Alleged Toronto 18 Leader to target nuclear plants?

The Canadian Press has reported members of the ” Toronto 18″ terror cell had planned to target Ontario Nuclear plants, RCMP headquarters and Parliament! If there was ever a reason to scale down nuclear power production and convert to green energy this would be a good one. Blowing up a windmill or solar farms is much less damaging compared to attacking a nuclear plant. All the security and swat teams in the world won’t protect against a high-jacked plane or improvised explosive that was targeting a nuclear power plant. Even a bumbled attempt could release huge amounts of deadly radioactive particles and gases across Ontario and render the province in-habitable for thousands of years! Canadians need to change their power production sources form centralized “easy targets” to de-centralized, spread out smaller power plants and home power systems that can’t be easily disabled on a large scale. The internet was created to avoid large scale communication loss in the event of an attack or accident and power systems and power grids need to change to this model asap to avoid these same problems. It’s really common sense. Don’t let cash hungry politicians and power company executives mislead you any more. If your home power system and/or local power system was subsidized as much as nuclear power has been over the years we would already be there. While there is no one solution to solving our power problems, a combination of conservation, small scale home power, hydro-water, solar electric, solar heat, geo-thermal, biomass, wind, etc. will move us in the right direction. Petty programs offered by the government to appease those interested in green technologies are only thwarted by high priced connection fees and a ridiculous maze of paperwork, permits etc. that make anyone interested in it abandon the technology. While wind mills should not be placed next to residences they certainly are a much safer option compared to nuclear plants. Health boards endorsing nuclear plants and their poisonous power should be ashamed of themselves. Wake up people before the genie gets out of the nuclear plant! There is a big white elephant  in the room and he is full of radioactive waste!

Toronto Blue Jays Support Poisonous Nuclear Power from Bruce Power!

Unbelievable story reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays, Air Canada Centre, Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Marlies are endorsing poisonous nuclear power production from Bruce Power! While nuclear power doesn’t emit as much carbon as a coal plant it does spew tritium in to the lake and surrounding communities. I wonder if any of these supporters live next to a “clean” nuclear plant? Bruce Power is trying to align itself with feel good events and causes to promote poisonous nuclear energy. Want to go swimming in tritium laced water? Just visit the nearest nuclear plant near you, go swimming and you will have an opportunity to be exposed/covered in tritium. While proponents say nuclear power is safe, clean and affordable nothing could be further from the truth. Taxpayer subsidies, some of the highest permitted nuclear pollution emmisions in the world, dangerous to workers and local communities. Tricking people into believing that nuclear power is safe is outrageous. I guess if you spend enough money on anything you could convince people pigs can fly. Lots of information about poisonous Canadian nuclear energy below.

Greenpeace protest at Pickering Nuclear Plant

Grand Erie Energy Quest

Organization trying to raise energy option awareness around the Nanticoke Nuclear Reactor proposal. These people are concerned about the nuclear poisons that will be introduced into their communities if a nuclear reactor is allowed to be built there. Polluting Lake Erie with nuclear waste is not a good idea. Here is a link to their site

Chalk River reactor is “rotten”?

New reports from the Standing Committee on Natural Resources says 3 month’s is very optimistic a time line to figure out how bad the damages are for the 50+ year old Chalk River reactor.  5 or more serious corrosion issues will almost guarantee this reactor will be down for a lot longer than 3 months. Governments have known the reactor has had issues for years. This is not acceptable. Billions and billions of taxpayer dollars have been pumped into this “clean, affordable and safe” industry and as all government departments and branches it appears that the money is being spent of overpaid paper pushers!  The Maple Reactor program has been scrapped. Billions and billions of dollars spent on that “experiment”.  $250 million for the Maple Reactor experiment. :(

Visit for video.

Howard Hampton questions nuclear waste storage.

Nuclear power has been touted as safe and affordable.

This is not true. We will provide information and links to articles and you can decide.

Take a look at your hydro bill. Divide what you pay by the kilowatt hours used and see what you pay. Around $.16 per kilowatt hour, almost triple the 5.6 that is promoted.

Green power grid upgrades, easy homeowner connection procedures for micro home systems, grants to install those systems, no connection fees from utilities that prevents homeowners from adopting these clean technologies. These and other clean energy incentives and programs need to be implemented asap.

Biogas, biomass, methane capture systems to run generators to feed power back in to the system. Waste treatment systems in local communities could be capturing gas that could run natural gas generators and produce electricity. Farmers could be doing this with animal waste and crop debris.

Balanced de-centralized electrical grid system that can distribute excess power to regions that need it. If windmills make extra power at night create incentives for big power users to use it then. Redistribute power  and/or store the energy in hydraulic accumulators, batteries, water towers, dams etc.

Move away from dirty coal, oil, nuclear power systems and promote clean, renewable energy technologies that will help move us all forward in a safe, clean direction.


Lost Radioactive Part at Bruce Power found.

Operator says it’s a “Bullshit Story”.

With attitudes like that, how safe is your community?


Is the Ministry of the Environment fastracking the Nuclear Review Process?

I don’t think even in a recession you want to “fast track anything nuclear”.


Tritium Hazard Report – Live near a reactor you should read this. Click Here


Greenpeace Report – Nuclear safety guidelines protect the nuclear industry not Canadians. Click Here


Nuclear power stopping clean renewables from getting online. Here

Frank de Jong discussing why green economics are so vital.


North Watch – Working to protect your community.


Citizens for Renewable Energy – – Bruce Peninsula Green Power Advocates


In November 2000 the world recognized nuclear power as a dirty, dangerous and unnecessary technology by refusing to give it greenhouse gas credits during the UN Climate Change talks in the Hague.
Nuclear power was dealt a further blow when a UN Sustainable Development Conference refused to label nuclear a sustainable technology in April 2001.


National Academies of Science – 700 page report
Washington, DC, June 30, 2005 -
The National Academies of Science released an over 700-page report yesterday on the risks from ionizing radiation.

The BEIR VII or seventh Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation report on “Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation” reconfirmed the previous knowledge that there is no safe level of exposure to radiation—that even very low doses can cause cancer.


Nuclear Liability Act.
(Non-Liability Act really!!)
Under the Act, the operator of a nuclear installation has a maximum liability of only $75 million!!
This means that if there is a catastrophic accident the nuclear operator is only liable for $75 million!!
That amount wouldn’t even cover the consultants report explaining how bad they messed the surrounding community and environment up.
The CNSC sets the basic amount of insurance that must be maintained by OPG for burning radioactive waste in your community at only $6 million!!
This means that they can operate a radioactive incinerator in your backyard  spewing radioactive waste and debris into the surrounding community and only be liable for 6 million when someone realizes there is a problem!!!
Most small contractors and small business operators must carry about a 2 million contractors liability policy for fixing your windows or doors!!! Ask your politicians why you are subsidizing the nuclear liability.

Ask them why there is not an emergency warning system to alert residents of a disaster.


Report released by Greenpeace recommends that pregnant women and children
under the age of four should not live within 10 kilometres of a Candu nuclear reactor!! Click Here for article.


Bruce’s Burning Secrets

Report of increased radioactive incineration along Lake Huron.


Harper government putting you at risk?

Fired Chalk River boss because she had “safety concerns”!?!?

more to come…

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Nuclear Mess and Nuclear Power Information

February 4th, 2009
CleanEnergyMan - Clean Energy Sources, No Nuclear!

CleanEnergyMan - Clean Energy Sources, No Nuclear!

Introducing “Clean Energy Man”


Nuclear Energy is bankrupting and polluting Ontario.

Nuclear energy creates toxic pollution.

Nuclear energy creates toxic pollution.

Nuclear energy is spilling, blowing and releasing toxic materials into our neighbourhoods.

Nuclear power production releases tritium into our environment.

Nuclear power production releases tritium into our environment.

Nuclear power creates pollution that is around for thousands of years and very dangerous.

Millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies support nuclear waste.

Millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies support nuclear waste.

Millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies has been spent supporting dangerous nuclear energy production.

Clean Wind, Solar, Hydro, Bio Mass, Geothermal power is the way!

Clean Wind, Solar, Hydro, Bio Mass, Geothermal power is the way!

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